What Exactly is Digital Marketing As Opposed to Traditional Marketing?

Should you continue with your traditional marketing approach or give more teeth to your promotional campaigns by adopting some digital marketing strategies? It is still debated whether traditional or conventional forms of marketing are more effective than digital canvassing modes or vice versa? Based on the scenario that has been predominant since the past couple of decades, it appears that digital marketing has taken over the time-honored, customary marketing methods.

Many mainstream newspapers, periodicals, and magazines around the world have completely stopped publishing broadsheet versions, focusing only on web-based or online editions. All firms and businesses, big or small, are more interested in promoting themselves by taking advantage of only digital marketing channels and tools. Majority of the smalltime companies and organizations find advertising in newspapers, magazines, radio, and television beyond their means.

For these enterprises, publicizing their products or services on Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter not only is cheaper but also offers them the most bang for their bucks. So, the question that becomes pertinent is should you put your money in digital or traditional marketing?

Digital Marketing

The world of digital marketing is not only vast but diverse as well. Digital marketing implies publicizing and positioning your brand using video games, software, website, automated social media, and digital audio. To be specific, when you design and develop a website, host the same on the search engines, post videos to YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and upload images on Instagram, you are making the most of digital marketing. Digital marketing is regarded as a type of inbound marketing where you make use of stratagems for users to seek you out rather than the other way round.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing, as opposed to digital marketing, involves putting out advertisements in newspapers, magazines, printed books, and analog media like audio tapes, movies, electronic billboards, neon signs, and so on. Traditional marketing also entails the use of business cards, leaflets, flyers, posters, handouts, brochures, etc. Whenever you exploit a campaigning technique that does not in any way involve the use of digital tools or channels, you are said to be delving into conventional marketing.

Digital Marketing Benefits

  • Promoting a brand, be it a product or service always costs less on the internet or any web-oriented format compared to advertising in a newspaper or television
  • Visibility is multiplied manifold when you put a Google AdWord classified on your site as you can expect more people to see the ad compared to the classified in the newspaper that many readers may not notice or simply ignore
  • You tend to get results from your digital marketing efforts faster than your regular marketing endeavors
  • People tend to view advertisements on web-based platforms with a greater degree of acceptability than commercials in print media
  • Interaction with your target audience is more effective compared to engagements in the traditional media thereby enabling you to push your brand more efficiently


Though digital marketing formats enjoys a clear edge over conventional promotional systems, the latter still is indispensable in some ways when it comes to popularizing a product. Therefore, planning a marketing strategy that blends and leverages both the systems is ideal for expecting best results.

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