Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

With improved net connectivity coupled with burgeoning smartphone usage in the past few years, the focus of SEO has shifted from the organic realm to local search. Though local SEO is similar to organic SEO in many ways, there are some stark differences as well that enables you to clearly distinguish between the two types of searches. When you type out a keyword, say, ‘internet marketing agency’ on your Chrome browser, Google’s SERPs lists URLs that stocks and delivers the fruit over a large geographical region.

Alternatively, if you search using the keywords, ‘internet marketing agency in Mumbai, the search engine will throw up the URL links that are closest to you.  The former is an example of organic search while the latter is an instance of local (SEO) exploration. Businesses, particularly the small ones, have made local SEO their mantra for amplifying the online visibility of their brands in order to attract customers based in the immediate geographical region.